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Getting Started With Prosody

11 Jun 2011 - Manipal

Generating a stanza in Prosody is fairly easy. Here is how you do it.

local st = require "util.stanza";
local reply = st.stanza("message");
reply:tag("body"):text("Enter the valid keys")
        :tag("x", {xmlns="jabber:x:oob"})
        :tag("captcha", {xmlns="urn:xmpp:captcha"})
print (reply);

Debugging Techniques.

Talking to waqas, I got to know several ways to debug my code.

  1. Enable mod_admin_telnet in the config. Connect to the telnet, to be greeted by the Prosody ASCII telnet localhost 5582

  2. Load the required module by doing module:load("module_name")

  3. Files can also be loaded by doing ;dofile("filename")

Make sure prosody is not run as a daemon, i.e the posix plugin must be disabled. The print statements get discarded if prosody is run as a daemon. A few ways to debug are Using the print command. (It will print to the shell and not the telnet console)

Using log("debug", "message"). (It will be written to the log file, Run a tail -f log_file to follow the messages)

Using ;dofile("filename") will print the messages to the telnet console, if you have used the print command.